Apple Mac

Is your Mac a few years old and starting to look tired? 

You don’t need to spend huge amount of money to replace it, just bring it to our shop for a free diagnosis and we will tell you what service it requires and the cost to keep it running as new.


Is your cursor beach balling?

Perhaps it’s time for a new Hard Drive, to reinstall the OS, to fine tune and or restore your Mail, Address Book, iTunes, Photos, Safari Bookmarks, etc. Prices from £45


In addition to the above, this consist of cleaning of the logic-board, dust removal from the fan and heat sink, plus application of fresh thermal paste to the processor. Not only will this lengthen the life of your Mac, but it will cure overheating problems that can cause logic-board problems. Cost varies per model, typically prices start from £100


Whilst your Mac is with us why not considering some upgrades?

  • Update your Hard Drive before re-installing the OS. Whilst your Mac is being serviced, why not consider replacing your old SATA hard drive with a Solid State Drive? Costs typically start at £60.00-£70.00 and increase depending on the size.
  • Operating System Upgrade.  We’ll advise you whether you can upgrade your OS and normally the cost is very reasonable.
  • Setup & Backup Schedule.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a portable drive for backing your machine up. Our online backup solution (subscription based) is more reliable and don’t need to carry around with you. So long that you are connected to the internet, your machine is automatically backed up and in the event a file is deleted by mistake, you can restore it with just a few clicks. Annual subscription £36 or first year free when purchasing a MAC form us.
  • New iPhone? We’ll setup your contacts and synchronise your music, iTunes and Photos. Prices starting at £25.00
  • Setup IMAP e-mail with Google apps. This way all the data is held in the Cloud and not on your Mac. In the event of a machine failure or loss, you can still retrieve your emails from any other machine or portable device with access to the Internet. Prices starting at £45.00 and increase depending on the number of mail boxes involved