Remote Rescue

How It Works

If you are experiencing problems with your computer (Mac or Pc) in general or specific programmes like Microsoft Office then as long as you can still open your web browser we can help.

Just call us on  020 7099 4577 and after we’ve taken your details we will arrange for an engineer to call you as soon as possible. They’ll give you a 6 Digit Pin Code that you’ll need to type into the box here:

Please insert your 6-digit pin code:



You’ll then be talked through how to finish the connection to our engineer – it’s very simple. Once they’ve got control of your mouse you can stay on the line to help explain the problem in more detail.

How We Charge You

You will be charged in 15 minute blocks from the time of completed connection. For PC’s and Laptops and Macs, £19.00 for 15 minutes. If we cannot diagnose the problem within 15 minutes then you have the option to cancel the Remote Rescue with no charge. Once the engineer has identified the problem he will give you an estimate of the time needed to finish fixing the problem. If a job requires a long connection time, but not necessarily a lot of hands-on work by the engineer (For example reinstalling and updating corrupted software) then you’ll be quoted a capped fee for completing the work.

Making Payment

When you first call to give us your details we’ll ask you for credit or debit card details. We will process the fee for up to one hour’s labour then refund the difference on any unused time. So that’s pre-payment of £76.00 for PC / Laptop or Mac. We charge in 15 minute slots so:If a problem is identified and solved in 9 minutes you’d then get £57.00 refunded from your £76.00 up front payment = £19.00 paid. For 26 minutes you’d get £38.00 back, paying £38.00.Should the support time be nearing the hour mark you’ll be advised by the engineer, and you’ll reach a decision together on whether to carry on or not.